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Coming to The Musician in November 2019

Xander Promotions
Fri 1st Nov 2019
Tickets bought for the cancelled date on 22/2 are still valid for this gig
Right from the dramatic intro of their set, Fallen recreate the epic, dark and lush sound of Evanescence, combining heavenly, soaring vocals and hard-hitting guitars with orchestral, choral and electronic elements.

Fallen are currently the only Evanescence tribute act in the UK and the band members all have many years gigging experience behind them. The person filling the Amy Lee slot, Kyle Newman, is a classically-trained professional vocalist and the keyboard player, Rob Lindop, is also a professional musician.

Formed in November 2013, the band has subsequently gone from strength to strength and is now playing at some of the biggest and best music venues in the UK.

Playing songs from all three of the most well-known albums, Fallen accurately reproduce the sound of this innovative, unique and genre-setting band.
Sat 2nd Nov 2019
£7.00adv £8.00door

7Storeysoul, Leicester’s top original funk and soul band are a nine piece outfit with a brass section making a huge smooth soul sound. First founded in 2005 by songwriter and guitarist Mark Poole they fuse their innovative original funky smooth soul tunes with classic funk/soul gems. Tonight they will be celebrating the 70th birthday of soul genius Stevie Wonder by playing only covers by Stevie Wonder. This means a great mix of classics from Stevie’s 70s and 80s back catalogue including I Wish, Sir Duke, Do I Do, Superstition with a few 7Storeysoul originals thrown in for good measure.
Xander Promotions
Sun 3rd Nov 2019
The ELO Encounter
£10.00adv £12.00door
Roll over Beethoven, because the greatest tribute to Jeff Lynne's Electric Light Orchestra is here! In an all live show featuring soaring strings, striking vocal harmonies and playing all the much loved songs from ELO's hit-filled library including Evil Woman, Telephone Line and Don’t Bring Me Down.

The ELO Encounter promises a night filled with rock, roll and Blue Skies that would make even Mozart mambo and Bach boogie! So Hold On Tight because Rock and Roll Is King in a show that is guaranteed to have you partying All Over The World.

Not only flawlessly recreating the wonderful music of ELO, it’s a spectacular live show from start to finish. Stunning lights and special effects create an atmosphere that will have you fully immersed in the whole experience. As the ELO Encounter reel off ELO classic hit after hit, it’s guaranteed to have the hairs on the back of your neck dancing in time to the music!!
Sun 3rd Nov 2019
Project Blackbird
Doors 1:00pm - 5:00pm
Project Blackbird is a visionary, international collective of four Leicestershire-based musicians: vocalist Ming Nagel (USA), guitarist Thure Gade Johansen (DK), drummer Styx, and multi-instrumentalist Jon Read, former trumpet player for The Specials. ”Imagine a party at Ronnie Scott’s where Sade, Björk, Jeff Beck, and David Byrne meet Portishead and then go for a late night curry to exchange ideas…sublime”.
Mon 4th Nov 2019
Hope In High Water
£7.00adv £9.00door
plus Sophia Marshall Band and Mountaintop Junkshop
Hope In High Water are a duo from Milton Keynes, UK whose distinctly British take on acoustic Americana has captivated audiences across the UK since early 2014. The pair incorporate folk, blues and country into their compositions, delivering what Rock’n’Reel Magazine describe as ‘exuberant songs performed with passion and intensity’.

An unlikely pair to be pushing the frontiers of the Americana/folk scene, both Josh and Carly started out in the punk scene, churning out high-energy performances and angry, politically charged music night after night. This sometimes comes as a shock to those who have come to know the pair for their intense and authentic brand of folk. However, it is from these roots that Hope In High Water developed a strong belief in the importance of honest and sincere song writing and a taste for the darker elements of the American folk tradition. By combining that approach with an intense love of various traditional forms of music from blues to country, folk to soul, the pair has found an original way of interpreting these traditional sounds.

Hope In High Water’s sound is strongly influenced by the wanderlust and sense of movement that carries through their lives. Both spent much of their childhoods travelling, Carly with her dad’s work that pulled her from place to place and country to country and Josh with his Blues musician parents who showed him the joys of a bustling bar on a Saturday night. These experiences left a longing in the pair that lead both to independently start bands and tour the UK and Europe throughout their early twenties.

It is through the travelling lifestyle that the two were to meet in a London venue in 2010. Crossing paths again several years later, the pair quickly formed a bond and within months were both living together and beginning to collaborate musically. With the demise of both of their respective bands, Josh and Carly both quickly began to again feel that familiar pull of the road and decided to take the dark, roots inspired brand of folk they had been honing at home out into the world.
Tue 5th Nov 2019
Wed 6th Nov 2019
The Room
plus The Paradox Twin
Doors 7:30pm

The Room was formed in 2010 by Andy Rowe along with Martin Wilson and Steve Anderson from neo-prog rock band Grey Lady Down. The Room never fail to deliver an outstanding performance - both in the studio and in a live environment.
Recent history had seen the band tucked away in the studio, writing and recording their third studio album Caught By The Machine, which was released on White Star Records in February 2019’. In spite of this, The Room still managed to rack up a nomination for Best New Band at the 2016 Classic Rock Society awards, as well as partaking in a busy festival season, some headline shows, and even the release of a live performance at Wolverhampton’s The Robin 2 on DVD in 2017.

Fronted by main songwriter Danny Sorrell, The Paradox Twin are a progressive rock quartet who released their debut album The Importance of Mr Bedlam on White Star Records in 2018.
Talking about the concept of the 7 song opus that has tracks ranging anywhere from 6-10 minutes long, Danny explains that he is "influenced and inspired by conspiracy theories and the idea that humans on Earth are being controlled by extra-terrestrial beings." The lyrical content of the album can be linked to various conspiracy theories such as 911, and different ideas on the topics of otherworldly seers are gradually unveiled throughout this fine piece of work.
Forty Tenth promotions
Thu 7th Nov 2019
Michelle Malone & Sarah Peacock
£10.00adv £12.00door
feat: Michelle Malone & Sarah Peacock
Doors 8:00pm - 11:00pm
Award winning Americana artists and powerhouse performers Michelle Malone and Sarah Peacock from Georgia/USA are teaming up for a UK tour.


"While the vocals and songs on Slings and Arrows are outstanding, the slide guitar work is the real revelation. ” -NO DEPRESSION

Michelle Malone's musical roots run deep and wide like the mighty Mississippi river, twisting and turning through rock, blues, and alt-country music territory. She is "a master at mixing blues and Americana music” (GUITAR PLAYER MAGAZINE). Over the course of Malone’s career, she has shared stages with artists fromGregg Allman to Indigo Girls, SugarLand's Kristian Bush to Brandi Carlisle,Mississippi All-Stars Luther Dickenson to ZZ Top, released more than a dozen records, and went indie when it still took guts. Her powerful live show will take you on a journey from red dirt back roads to bright city lights, whether she's solo acoustic in a living room concert or in a bigarena backed by her band. She "has the soul of a bluesman, the heart of a folk singer, and the guts of a rock and roll star wrapped up in one fiery bad ass" (NASHVILLE RAGE), and she's determined to bring the masses back together in the name of love and music with her latest, Slings and Arrows.


1.2 million miles, 2,800 shows, and fourteen years of flying solo is quite a road trip. Sarah Peacock bridges gaps between Country, Blues, Americana, and Rock-N-Roll. Her music is raw, truth telling, and fiercely unique.

Held hostage by her record label at 21, the troubadour life came with a rude awakening for the young Georgia native. Peacock made her home in a ‘92 Volvo with her dog and a guitar, and for nearly seven years earned a living in the corner shadows of American dive bars. The tables turned in 2011 when an anonymous fan helped Peacock buy out of her recording contract. Since then,she has released six additional albums and won multiple awards for her songwriting. “Hurricane” won Best Song in the American Songwriting Awards, and “Beautiful” was a winner with International Unsigned Only. “The Cool Kids,” and “Are We There Yet” have nominated her for Best Female Artist and Best Song in a number of songwriting competitions. Peacock was also named Listening Room Network’s Artist of the Year.
Xander Promotions
Fri 8th Nov 2019
Albany Down
£10.00adv £12.00door
Contemporary UK blues-rock band, Albany Down, came together with some classic rock and Brit blues-rock influences, but with their 2011 debut album, ‘South of the City, they found their own sound. Albany Down is founder member Paul Turley on vocals and guitars, drummer and backing vocals Pete Hancock and bassist and backing vocals Ben Atkins. The band has recorded 3 Studio albums with producer Greg Haver (Manic Street Preachers, INME, Super Furry Animals). "These guys are really going somewhere; make sure they take you with them!" - Paul Jones, BBC Radio 2 Blues Rock Review offered a fair assessment of both the band and their debut album: “South of the City” is a solid debut album from Albany Down and they will be an interesting band to watch develop in the coming years”. In 2013 the band stepped up to the plate with 12 original well-crafted songs on their formidable album “Not Over Yet”. Traditionally a band’s second album is regarded as being problematical but Albany Down have turned that notion on its head, taking all that was good on “South of the City”, honing their song writing craft and revelling in Greg Haver’s powerful production. In 2016 the band released their much-anticipated 3rdAlbum “The Outer Reach” which built upon the previous albums with strong melodic rock songs and powerful emotional ballads. The band’s big Zeppelin-influenced sound draws from the same British blues-rock well, that gave Zeppelin a head start all those years ago and later was rediscovered by Joe Bonamassa. But it’s the resonant substance of the band’s own songs and their exuberant style that gives the music its edge. Albany Down are a band that runs on pure adrenalin, unrelenting energy and raw emotion. Rock blogger Neil Mach probably got it right, when he described the band; "As hot as volcanic ash and yet as cool as snow slippers."
Wake Up Promotions
Sat 9th Nov 2019
Fleetingwood Mac
We are Fleetingwood Mac, a young and exciting new tribute to the legendary band Fleetwood Mac.
We didn’t just want to be  another tribute band, with tacky wigs and fancy dress outfits. Instead we wanted to bring across the live sound of Fleetwood Mac, with just one guitar, a keyboard, a drum kit, a man on the bass and of course, the vocals!
As much as we aim to create a genuine Fleetwood Mac sound, we can’t help but give it a modern edge, it’s just the way we play. How else are five people supposed to play tribute to a band that have lasted nearly 50 years?
A band who have over time have featured eight different Guitarists & Vocalists. A band that tour arenas all over the world, with six extra touring musicians. A band that started out as part of the sixties British Blues Invasion and ended up as one of the biggest mainstream groups of the eighties. Let’s not even get into the scandals, relationships and excesses……
We work hard in rehearsals to get the details right and do justice to some classic songs that play
a huge part in many people’s lives.
We also want to introduce the songs to a new generation of Fleetwood Mac fans, who just like ourselves, weren’t even born when the band were in their prime. We do not go on stage pretending to be Fleetwood Mac, instead we go on as who we are, five young musicians who love the music, and want to share the music of one of the worlds greatest bands to a wider  audience.
Sun 10th Nov 2019
Stevie Nimmo Trio
Doors 7:30pm
As one half of Scotland’s highly respected ‘Nimmo Brothers’, Stevie Nimmo has been a well known and respected figure throughout the blues and roots world for over 2 decades.
Now, having toured extensively with the critically acclaimed blues rock outfit over the last few years, as well as taking to the road in a stripped back, acoustic format to promote his debut solo project ‘The Wynds of Life’, Stevie is now in full stride with his full-on, electric, no-holds-barred trio format.

‘This album raises our expectations of British blues to a splendid new standard’
Neil Mach – Raw Ramp
‘…a rocker with a heart full of soul and a soul full of blues…’
Devils gate media
‘Scotland’s Warren Haynes…’
Mon 11th Nov 2019
Martyn Joseph
Martyn Joseph is as performer like no other.
He has been called "The Welsh Springsteen", but there are also shades of John Mayer, Bruce Cockburn and Dave Matthews there may be – but he stands in his own right, built on a reputation for giving what thousands have described as the best live music experience of their lives.

Juxtaposition is a key theme in Martyn’s work. The simplicity and the complexity of the human condition and all that it encompasses is underpinned with a heady promise of hope. There is a versatility to Martyn’s music that is hard to categorise. Many have tried, resulting in labels such as Folk, Rock, Soul, Folk Funk and Americana; all of which somehow miss the mark. But sometimes music doesn’t need a defining genre and with the ability to articulate a sense of the bigger picture, Martyn’s music and social commentary manage to empower and speak for many. His songs are pictures, and stories, and feelings all put to music and delivered by a master craftsman.

"Springsteen-indebted Americana, suspended folk chords glistening beneath troubadour tales, his lyrical eloquence still inspired almost 30 years on from his debut." - MOJO

"One of the most charismatic and electrifying performers in Britain today... tough and passionate" - Tom Robinson, BBC 6 Music
Tue 12th Nov 2019
Bob Cheevers
£6.00adv £7.00door
plus friends and special guests
Please join Bob for his last UK tour dates and his 76th Birthday on this very day to boot.

Long recognized by peers as being blessed with the acute vision of a master painter coupled with the precision attention to detail of a great novelist, Cheevers has written over 3,000 songs in his five decade career. Along the way he has rightfully earned the mantle of master songwriter as well as the respect of his many songwriting pals, including Texas icon Ray Wiley Hubbard, who recently said, “Bob is one cool scarecrow gypsy poet who writes and sings the romantic beautiful truth. When he releases a record, I listen.”
Also a cult favorite in the UK and Europe where he has toured for more than a decade, Cheevers continues to find inspiration in the life he’s chosen in Texas as well as the rich Southern heritage that came from his growing up in Memphis. His rootsy, blues-flavored songs spin tales of life in a conversational language of the heart that rock the soul. They are intimate and expansive, poignant and bracing, tender and raucous, unflinchingly honest and redemptively healing. As he laughingly is known to say, “I don’t know if these stories are true, but they happened to me.”
Wed 13th Nov 2019
Montys Travelin' Music Show International
£10.00adv £12.00door
Doors 7:30pm - 10:30pm
It’s the first time for Montys Travellin Music Show International to play The Musician. They are a great bunch of guys who are simply one of the best combinations of superlative musicians assembled by Leicestershire music man John Montague along with the brilliant Alex Warwick on Drums, Keith Brooks on Vocals/ Bass, Thierry Guillemot from France on guitar, vocals, harp, Germanys amazing guitar man Marten Alex Rolf and vocalist JP Fair. Experience a concert of original songs and new arrangements of a classic song set list that we all love from the Beatles, JJ Cale, Clapton, Prince, Neil Young, The Shadows, Cocker, Tom Petty, Eagles, Dire Straits and more…. It’s another evening of musical magic…. Les Earthless Willmore
Xander Promotions
Thu 14th Nov 2019
Big Wolf Band
£8.00adv £10.00door
Big Wolf Band are very excited to announce that we are joining forces with the amazing Zoe Green for our 2019 Be Free Tour. This is a unique collaboration between two major forces that will deliver incredible live shows. Zoe has forged a reputation as one of the best female vocalists on the scene with her band the Zoe Green Band; Big Wolf Band has carved out a reputation as being one of the best live bands on the scene, along with their number 1 debut album “A Rebel’s Story”.

We are all super excited about the forthcoming Big Wolf Band album “Be Free” featuring Zoe and our upcoming collaboration on live shows. Zoe has blown us away in the studio and has really captured the energy of the songs. Zoe will be joining us on all shows and tour dates next year to promote this second album, which will be released late March.

This is an exciting time for the Big Wolf Band and having Zoe join us on vocals will take the band to new heights during 2019!
Fri 15th Nov 2019
The Zeppelins
£7.00adv £8.00door
The Zeppelins capture the sound, energy and look of Led Zeppelin at the height of their fame. We love Led Zeppelin’s music, it’s as simple as that. The Zeppelins are four musicians with decades of experience across tribute and original bands. We finally found the right combination to play Led Zeppelin’s music and play it right from the soaring high range of a young Robert Plant, those unmistakeable and timeless Page riffs, JPJ’s solid but creative basslines and of course, Bonzo’s thunderous beats.
Xander Promotions
Sat 16th Nov 2019
Creedence Clearwater Review
£12.00adv £14.00door
Creedence Clearwater Review are the UK’s premier tribute to Creedence Clearwater Revival, one of America’s greatest bands who, despite their relatively short career, left an enduring legacy of classic songs written and sung by lead guitarist, singer and songwriter John Fogerty. Capturing the feel, sound and atmosphere of the original songs, Creedence Clearwater Review pack all the hits and more into two hours plus of rootsy, swampy, bluesy and sometimes country flavoured rock and roll. Creedences’ biggest songs, Proud Mary, Bad Moon Rising, Fortunate Son and Who’ll Stop The Rain all get the treatment as well as their covers of classics like I Heard It Through The Grapevine, Midnight Special and Susie Q.
There’s audience involvement, singalongs and plenty of rousing choruses to join in on the Review’s authentic and power packed tribute to the Creedence legacy. There’s also a nod to John Fogerty’s solo career in the show, with songs like Almost Saturday Night, Hot Rod Heart and of course Rockin’ All Over The World. Dale Taylor takes up the role of John Fogerty on guitar and vocals, which is no easy task considering Fogerty’s power and range. However he fulfils the lead spot, delivering the same rawness and energy of the original performances, backed up by a solid and experienced band who stick as closely to the album tracks as possible.
Performing a range of CCR material consisting of all their biggest, classic hits, album tracks and wonderful obscurities, Creedence Clearwater Review will take you on a nostalgia trip you won’t want to miss. Creedence Clearwater Review, the definitive UK tribute.
Sun 17th Nov 2019
Marcus Sibun Band
£10.00adv £12.00door
Doors 7:30pm

The UK based, Detriot soulful blues rock star Marcus
teams up with explosive British blues rock guitarist
Innes Sibun for a handful of warm up dates for a new
band with familar faces.

The new band came about with a chance meeting at
a show which uncovered a suprising amount of musical
common ground.

Both musicians had just enjoyed the busiest 12 months
of their careers and it was time to appraise their
respective careers.

As Innes Sibun explains: ‘’When the chance comes along
to play with a great musician who is travelling down the
same musical road as you, then you jump at it.
Listening to Marcus Malone I hear echo’s of two of
my favourite singers - Paul Rodger, otis Redding and
early David Coverdale, but above all its Marcus’s own
unmistakable style & delivery
Mon 18th Nov 2019
Ben Williams
£6.00adv £7.00door
plus Kristyna Myles
When Ben was 5 he discovered The Beatles in his parents’ music collection and by his early teens he’d picked up his first guitar to follow inspiration from songwriting greats including Paul Simon, Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell.
After graduating from Salford University with a degree in Popular music, Ben began busking with his good friend Kristyna Myles. The duo were spotted by The Manchester Evening News who featured them on their front page, and were the winners of a national busking competition on BBC5 Live. Ben can still be found busking on the streets of Manchester from time to time and he maintains that it is the best place to hone new songs – the ever-changing audience gives him the opportunity to repeat and perfect new material throughout the day.
As a guitarist Ben has worked with Grammy award winning producers and has played concerts supporting the likes of Nile Rodgers and Chic, Mick Hucknall, Will Young and Lisa Stansfield. Having worked for years on other peoples’ projects, refining his songwriting craft and supporting artists on tours and at festivals around the world including South By South West Festival, Ben woke up one day and randomly wrote a song by and for himself. The song, Change It, opened the floodgates to writing many more and encouraged him to pursue his solo endeavours as a singer-songwriter. It later featured on his debut album, Who Do You Think You Are? (2015) which received airplay on BBC Radio 2 and BBC Introducing Manchester.
In 2017, Ben released his second album, Put It On Ice, and since then has been busy playing gigs and stripping back his sound to record a new acoustic album titled Minimum of Fuss which is set for release in early 2019.
Tue 19th Nov 2019
Son of Town Hall
£10.00adv £12.00door
plus The Ruby Doos
Imagine if Simon and Garfunkel were lost at sea, salt in their beards, wind at their backs, and whiskey in their bottles. What songs would they sing whilst stomping like melodious madmen on the boards of their boat? Or set yourself adrift for a piece, untether yourself from your daily affairs, bring only fresh water, a large writing pad and plenty of pencils. With only the endless sky above and the wine-dark waters below, what half-crazed tales would pour out of you?

Welcome to the mythic world of Son of Town Hall, the unusual union of Ben Parker of London, England, and David Berkeley of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Parker, a highly sought-after London-based songwriter/producer/multi-instrumentalist, and Berkeley, a celebrated singer/songwriter/guitarist/author have imagined a world that transcends time and space, complete with Victorian-era outfits, meditations about the sea and songs that beg you to sing along. The show is three-parts concert, one-part theater. It will leave you transformed, with your heart full of laughter and tears, drunk on adventure and the tragic beauty of the human condition.

“Sensational!” - John Platt, WFUV
“Nothing short of stunning” - Lisa Schwartz, Director Philadelphia Folk Festival
“Unique and beautiful…unforgettable.” - Phil Collins (Austin, TX)
Forty Tenth promotions
Wed 20th Nov 2019
Sarah McQuaid
£10.00adv £12.00door
Doors 8:00pm - 11:00pm
“The precision and sophistication of the writing and playing blows me away. I am so glad to be involved,” writes guitar legend Michael Chapman in his introduction to Sarah McQuaid’s fifth solo album If We Dig Any Deeper It Could Get Dangerous – which he offered to produce after meeting Sarah at a festival where they were both on the bill.

Recently honoured with a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Ards International Guitar Festival in Northern Ireland, Sarah’s also drawn critical praise for her voice (which has been variously likened to malt whiskey and melted chocolate) and her engaging rapport with audiences: “I’ve attended hundreds of concerts of all kinds, and her subtle mastery onstage launches her straight into my fave shows ever,” wrote The Huffington Post.

With the release of her new album, the Madrid-born, Chicago-raised, Cornwall-based singer/songwriter has expanded her battery of instruments to include piano, electric guitar and drum, and it’s drawn critical raves internationally: Dutch music magazine Heaven hailed it as “an early contender for folk album of 2018,” the UK’s fRoots said it was “a collection to savour” and the USA’s PopMatters called it “a gateway into a true innovator’s soul.”

“Seeing a shared world in a new way, from a different angle, is the role of the songwriter. Sarah gets a gold star on that front. This is a fabulous album.” —The Afterword

“A darkly melodic, richly layered folk tapestry ... haunting and sparse, yet beautifully rendered ... a voice as thick and soft as fur.” —Elmore Magazine

“A work of formidable passion.” —FolkWords

Photo by Phil Nicholls (www.philnicholls.co.uk).
Thu 21st Nov 2019
Dave O'Higgins Organ Quartet Play Monk & Trane
£12.00 £5 NUS
Doors 7:30pm
Leicester Jazzhouse Presents:
One of this country’s finest modern jazz sax players, Dave O'Higgins has worked with the likes of Cleo Laine and John Dankworth, Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles, Wayne Shorter and Nancy Wilson.
His current organ quartet features Luft-Flanigan-Youngs playing a tribute to Coltraine and Monk.

“O’Higgins plays with quite exceptional fluency and his fund of ideas never runs out.”
The Observer
Xander Promotions
Fri 22nd Nov 2019
The Milk Men
£10.00adv £12.00door
The Milk Men is a supergroup of well known and hugely respected UK blues musicians. Formed in 2010 by mates Adam Norsworthy (lead singer/guitarist of four-time British Blues Award nominees the Mustangs) and Jamie Smy (Jellyroll Men lead singer). The duo are joined on drums by ex-Pirate Mike Roberts, and on bass by Lloyd Green, son of legendary Pirate and r'n'b superstar Mick Green.

The Milk Men play a dynamic mix of classic blues and r'n'b, as well as some originals.

In 2016 the band released its debut album FULL PHAT to huge critical acclaim, and in 2018 the follow up GOLD TOP reached number 2 on the iTunes Blues Chart.
Cheeseweasel Promotions
Sat 23rd Nov 2019
Diary Of A Madman + DIIO
Ozzy vs Dio: Top tributes to the two Black Sabbath frontmen!
£10.00adv £12.00door
Doors 8:00pm
Diary of a Madman are the real deal. Hear the classics: Crazy Train, No More Tears, Mr Crowley, Bark at the Moon, Paranoid, War Pigs, Shot in the Dark, Perry Mason and many more besides!

See the antics, experience the craziness and leave deaf, exhausted and exhilarated by the barnstorming band of incredible musicians backing the craziest front-man in tribute land. Are you ready to go craaaaaaazy???

DIIO are a brand new tribute to the master of metal, the late great Ronnie James Dio and play the best of Ronnie's work with DIO plus the classics from his years fronting Black Sabbath and Rainbow. DIIO boast members from some of the UK's best known tribute acts such as Hi-On Maiden, Sack Sabbath and Hell Bent For Priest.
Forty Tenth promotions
Sun 24th Nov 2019
The RedHills
£8.00adv £10.00door
Doors 8:00pm - 10:30pm
Warwickshire-based band The Redhills, play traditional music like the rock music it would have been all those years ago if they’d had electric guitars. They’re taking jigs , reels and songs from the past 300 years , mashing them up together and playing them “loud and proud”.

Expect furious fiddle, full-on guitars and a rocking rhythm section playing dance tunes and songs about all those soldiers, dairymaids and pirates, murder, industrial strife , visceral naval warfare and the occasional bit of rumpy-pumpy.

“It’s like Bellowhead facing off Eddie Van Halen. But it works a treat” – Stratford Herald
Mon 25th Nov 2019
The City Acoustic Club
Montly Open Mic
For up to date info and news please join The City Acoustic Club Facebook group!
Tue 26th Nov 2019
Forty Tenth promotions
Wed 27th Nov 2019
Tilly Moses
£10.00adv £12.00door
plus Fawn
Doors 8:00pm - 11:00pm
Tilly Moses is a mandolin player and singer songwriter from Suffolk, now based in York. She has been performing all over the country since the age of just 13, supporting some of the best-loved folk acts in the UK, and in 2017 released her long awaited debut album Alight & Adrift, to incredible critical acclaim.

The album features the talents of many extraordinary musicians, including BBC Folk Award Winner Sam Kelly, Mercury Prize Nominee Kit Downes, and BBC Folk Award nominated band Mawkin’s James Delarre, amongst others. It has been praised by critics and audiences alike and is already a firm favourite in the folk world and beyond.

Tilly’s carefully crafted songs address subjects as diverse as climate change, gender inequality, apathy, love, and leaving home, and she delivers them with an extraordinarily powerful, passionate vocal style, and a colourful stage presence.

Following an impressive summer of performances, including playing the main stage at FolkEast festival, performing on stage with the Mekons at Mekonville, and beguiling audiences at Beverley Folk Festival, Stepping Stones Festival, and the Big Comfy Bookshop, Tilly spent the autumn and winter writing brand-new material with influences from a range of different musical backgrounds, in a mission to expand even further.

This year, she's back with a brand new album and a full band! Her new album includes songs about body positivity, battling against ableism, and finding a home in other people.
Thu 28th Nov 2019
Doktor Dyper
Fri 29th Nov 2019
£15.00adv £18.00door
Doors 6:30pm - 11:00pm
Danfest9 at The Musician In Leicester featuring Friday, HeKz, The Emerald Dawn and Encircled.
?Saturday, Landmarq, ESP, Blank Manuskript, Midnight Sun and Those Amongst Us Are Wolves.
Sunday, Kyros, Jump, Mother Black Cap, Viper Soup Complex and Eyes Of Albion.
Tickets weekend £45, Friday £15, Saturday £25, Sunday £20. Door times Friday 6.30pm, Saturday and Sunday 12.30pm. Door prices extra.
Doktor Dyper
Sat 30th Nov 2019
£25.00adv £30.00door
Doors 12:30pm - 11:00pm
Danfest9 at The Musician In Leicester featuring Friday, HeKz, The Emerald Dawn and Encircled.
Saturday, Landmarq, ESP, Blank Manuskript, Midnight Sun and Those Amongst Us Are Wolves.
Sunday, Kyros, Jump, Mother Black Cap, Viper Soup Complex and Eyes Of Albion.
Tickets weekend £45, Friday £15, Saturday £25, Sunday £20. Door times Friday 6.30pm, Saturday and Sunday 12.30pm. Door prices extra.

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