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Coming to The Musician in May



Sun 1
Private Party


Mon 2

Martin Harley Trio
plus Paul Hegley, Chris Warner and Born2Surf film
Martin Harley’s live following have long been aware of his spellbinding ability with a weissenborn, a wah pedal and a trick bag of licks that would give Ry Cooder a run for his money. Fusing inspired blues, jazz and rock into their sound, this hard-touring trio are revealing themselves as shining talents in the British acoustic scene. Harley himself brings formidable guitar skills to the table - especially some expressive slide - and his smoky but soulful voice provides the perfect expression for these laid back and highly contagious songs.


Tue 3

Toy Hearts
plus The Drugstore Cowboys
The Toy Hearts are one of the UK’s hottest acoustic acts right now, their style of music neatly placing them at the forefront of the resurgence of interest in folk and Americana music. 2010 saw this hard working band touring across the UK, Europe and the USA. The culmination of their work so far being the national release of their third album ‘Femme Fatale’ in September, which was recorded in Nashville TN earlier in the year. Fronted by sister’s Hannah (mandolin) and Sophia (guitar), accompanied by banjo/dobro, bass and fiddle, the band draws upon the genres of Bluegrass, Western Swing and Gypsy Jazz for inspiration. By combining original songwriting, sweet sister harmonies, hard driving rhythms and energetic performances, The Toy Hearts have developed a truly unique sound that leaves their audiences breathless and ready for more!


Wed 4

Outsider Promotions presents…
Darden Smith
plus Hans Chew
“When I write a song,” says Darden Smith, “the way it ends up is usually not the way I thought it would be when I started.” And that notion of exploration, of following unexpected paths, has been a constant force in his 25-year career as a musician. Smith has long transcended traditional singer-songwriter boundaries, and his varied, fascinating musical legacy continues to evolve.


Thu 5

Talulah Blue’s Burlesque Showcase

feat: Candy DeMure, Rose Desire Belle, Cadillac Arrest, Dominique De Ville, Aurora Toxique, Talulah Blue
plus music from Tomorrow’s People
Talulah Blue is showcasing new Burlesque talent, with more acts than ever! So come along to a Burlesque night Jam packed with entertainment, with classic Burlesque, comedy Burlesque amazing costumes and live music! Talulah herself will be performing along with a line up of eight other acts! Come along and enjoy at great evening in a warm and friendly atmosphere! Dress: Rockabilly, '40s, '50s.


Fri 6

OBS Semi Final

feat. Citizen Smith, Panda Youth, Jack Kenworthy, Rassodocks, Smoking The Profit


Sat 7

Cheeseweasel Promotions presents…
£8 adv £10 door
plus Skam and Jasper Jacks
Del Bromham's Stray are a power trio that mix scintillating lead guitar with melodic anthems such as "All in Your Mind" which has been covered by Iron Maiden. Back in the ‘70s Stray were one of the hardest gigging and consistently excellent live acts on the circuit. With fiery guitarist Del Bromham still at the top of his game, the new Stray line-up consisting of Del, Stuart Uren and Karl Randall is setting new standards for one of Britain’s most enduring rock bands.

For tickets and more info please visit


Sun 8

Outsider Promotions presents…
Mary Gauthier
plus support
“Gauthier’s songs startle with authority and detail. If she keeps this up, one day she may assume the mantle of Johnny Cash.”  - New York Daily News. “Gauthier confirms that she’s among the best singer-songwriters of her generation.”  - Associated Press. “With songwriting as powerful as hers, there’s no need to go looking for qualifiers. She’s a unique, intrinsically valuable musical voice. And there’s never a surplus of those.”  - Los Angeles Times. “One of our most evocative storytellers and fearless stewards of the emotional landscape.” - Acoustic Guitar Magazine. “Pure and simple, Mary Gauthier is a true artist at the height of her powers and in full command of her craft.”  - Atlanta Music Guide.


Mon 9

Justin Sullivan & Dean White (New Model Army)
£12 adv
plus support
Justin Sullivan continues to do semi-acoustic alternative performances of New Model Army material, accompanied by Dean White the band’s guitarist/keyboardist – a format that is more intimate and flexible while losing very little of New Model Army’s famous intensity. The duo have done these shows across the World in every setting possible – from tiny clubs to huge Festival stages, from prisons to palaces and this summer will be playing a handful of special shows between NMA engagements.


Tue 10

Greg Trooper
plus Tom Brooksby (Jersey Devils)
Rarely has there been a more aptly named singer/songwriter than Greg Trooper. Over three decades, the New Jersey native has soldiered on through the victories and setbacks unique to a career dedicated to music, proving through gestures large and small that he's one of our best. It's evident in the company he keeps, the critics who praise his recordings, the fans who invest in his shows and the artists who learn his songs, wishing they'd written them. It is most evident in what calls his "catalog of superbly crafted albums." This impressive discography testifies for an artist who has always served the song and the music above all other things.


Wed 11
Xander Promotions presents…
£5 door
Snakewater are the hottest up and coming blues act to originate from the UK! The sound that emerges from the trio after they've settled behind their instruments is not the one you would imagine emerging on first sight - looking like the latest young indie band in town, the wall of solid blues that they throw out is quite startling. "Absolute Incredible three piece! Got a real Joe Bonamassa/Led Zeppelin thing going on!" - 106.1 Rock Radio. "...could become the Eric Clapton of his generation!" - MEN Media. "...he's like Gary Moore in a 23yr old body. Stunning guitar wizardry, very tasteful and soulful!" - Classic Rock


Thu 12

Folk It presents…
plus Humble He, Elizabeth Cornish and Roster


Fri 13

Diesel Park West
£10 adv
Some bands belong to their own time, others trespass on decades where they don't really belong. Diesel Park West must have seemed to some people back in '89, with the release of the far-reaching Shakespeare Alabama, the most welcome and liberating guitar band anyone had heard for years. A lot of artists who have enjoyed massive acclaim and success since, may well tip hats towards the Diesels for being pioneers in the re-emergence of the guitar as the primary sound of contemporary music. Add to that song writing that both provokes and reassures... sometimes within the same lyric...then maybe its appropriate to start spreading the word.



Sat 14

Cheeseweasel Promotions presents…
The Whybirds

plus The Misers
The Whybirds are an up and coming four piece rock 'n' roll/ band with a difference. All four members are fine singer/songwriters – giving the group a diverse range of songs and vocal styles – but without straying from The Whybirds' sanguine brand of rock 'n' roll. "These guys are the real deal – think Flying Burrito Brothers, Tom Petty and The Band. Better looking than the early Eagles and every inch as determined, you’ll be hearing more of these guys some time soon." – Derek Oliver, Classic Rock Magazine.

For tickets and more info please visit


Sun 15

Leicester Rocks presents…
No Way Back

plus Blurred Vision and Rock of Ages




Andy Wright presents...
Mon 16

Our Mountain
plus Acid Pony, Danny Looseleaf


Tue 17
Greenbird Promotions presents…
Gren Bartley & Tom Kitching
plus Jess Morgan
Tom Kitching and Gren Bartley are one of the brightest young acts on the folk scene today. Playing music from a remarkably broad range of sources, their latest album Boundary crosses genres with a healthy disdain for arbitrary pigeon-holing of styles and traditions. Having met at Loughborough University through presenting a folk show on the campus radio, the duo grew out of a wish to perform the music they loved. Over time, Gren developed a distinctive passionate song writing style that manages to push boundaries, whilst staying respectful to the traditions

For tickets and more info visit -


Wed 18

plus Scaley Fuego, The Munchies


Thu 19

Finest Kind
£8adv £10door
plus support
Finest Kind is a remarkable folk trio from Ottawa, Canada whose exquisite harmony singing and brilliant vocal arrangements are bringing a fresh sense of excitement and discovery to the performance of old songs. The trio's glorious sound, served up with easy-going humour, has won a devoted following across North America. Thrills and Chills...Finest Kind's vocal arrangements are a creative tour de force. Tradition-based yet curiously modern, the trio's harmonies are an enchanting feast of opulent chords and ever changing textures.


Fri 20
Xander Promotions presents…

Nine Below Zero
£12 adv £14 door

NBZ are the viable alternative to Alternative, a band that most definitely come to play, a band with their own genuine sound and deep understanding of their musical roots. Live, the combination of Dennis Greaves playing guitar and singing, Gerry McAvoy on bass, Brendan O’Neill on drums (both ex Rory Gallagher band members) and Mark Feltham on harmonica is lethal, hammering and nailing the big R'n'B sound to the floor of many a famous stage. "NBZ are brilliant live, they work so hard, the audience often go home as exhausted as the band!" so says Andrew Zweck of top promoters Harvey Goldsmith Ents.

For tickets visit -


Sat 21
Cheeseweasel Promotions presents…
The Watch (Genesis Tribute)
£10 adv £12 door
he Watch are a 5-piece band from Milan. Their music is inspired by the classic style prog of the 70’s and in particular, by the music of Gabriel-era Genesis. The band have 4 albums under their belt featuring their own material, however tonight they will perform the classic Genesis album ‘Selling England By The Pound’ in it’s entirety. The Watch, so incredibly authentic in what they are recreating, are endorsed by none other than Steve Hackett.

For tickets and more info visit -


Sun 22

The Good Lovelies
plus Phil Riley and Andy Stirton
Funny and upbeat, with just a pinch of sass, the Good Lovelies' textbook three-part harmonies, constant instrument swapping and witty on-stage banter have enlivened the folk music landscape since they joined forces in 2006 for their first show at Toronto's funky Gladstone Hotel. Lighthearted songwriting and irresistibly buoyant dispositions have made them the darlings of the Canadian summer festival circuit, including spots at the storied Mariposa and Hillside Festivals and the Montreal Jazz Festival.


Mon 23
Magic Teapot presents...
Dutch Uncles
£6 adv
plus The James Lewis Band
Dutch Uncles are an indie band from Manchester. They are known for their use of atypical time signatures within a pop context. Their influences includes several bands such as The Smiths, King Crimson, Steve Reich, XTC and Talking Heads.

For tickets visit -


Tue 24

Stevie Jones presents…
Findley Webster
plus Jason Vatter (USA), Rosie Doyle, Fay Brotherhood, Rogue State Circus
Findley Webster is a Leicester born singer/songwriter. After the acclaimed album “Kiss My Tiara” Findley went solo performing in venues such as The Borderline, 100 Club, The Half Moon Putney, Monkey Chews & The Purple Turtle Camden. Whether she is performing original material or well-known classics to one man and his dog or to a 1000 strong audience, performing live is where Findley shines. Her last show at The Musician was a sell-out tribute to Ian Jones, guitarist on “Kiss My Tiara.” This acoustic set will introduce some new songs from her forthcoming album. With a top supporting line up this will be a great gig from one the areas' hardest working and consistent artists.


Wed 25

Joe D’Urso & Stone Caravan
Joe D'Urso's love for music began with his older sister's record collection; Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Meatloaf, Beatles, Elvis Presley, Bob Seger, Tom Petty, The Doors, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Jackson Browne and countless one-hit wonders from the 1950s to the 1970s and those classic's have had a lasting effect on his own music making. In 1996, Joe left his job at the legendary Premier Talent Agency in New York City to pursue his career as a singer-songwriter. Since then, Joe's music has earned glowing praise for his powerful brand of “original music based in good, old-fashioned rock and roll.” His roots and connections with the New Jersey music scene are evident in his Springsteen influenced performances


Thu 26

Joel Owen & The Antoine Band
plus The Tea Leaves, Markus Reeves
Joel Owen and The Antoine Band are a big-band boogie and blues band from Leicester. Assembled over the course of 2010, The Antoine Band is comprised of friends and musicians of an eclectic musical background intent on making soulful big-band blues and making music to move people and to move to.


Fri 27
Lay-Z Boi Music presents
By The Rivers
£6adv £7door
plus support
One day we decided to write a Reggae tune... and didn't stop. The rest is what you will hear. Nile Barrow and Jordan Birtles write all the songs themselves. By The Rivers is now a full band of six members. With bass, keys, lead guitar and a full brass section.


Sat 28

Lazy Sunday presents…
John Otway & Wild Willy Barrett
£10adv £12door
John Otway is a witty and insightful songwriter and is only now beginning to achieve the recognition he has always deserved. As a duo Otway and Barrett are best known for their somewhat bizarre two-man rock numbers, with Otway's vocals fronting Barrett’s heavy guitar. The secret to their enduring charm? No formula, no identifiable musical genre, just superb songs plucked from the head of the astonishing Otway and given wings by Barrett's musical arrangements.


Sun 29


Mon 30
Open mic for bands. Amps and instruments provided.


Tue 31
Acoustic Session presents
The Daydream Club

plus Kristy Gallagher and Martin Luke Brown



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