Sat 1
plus Dirty Cocktail
Initially formed in 2004 as a songwriting partnership by Tony Nicholl, Daz Yates , both members of prolific '80s rock band 'Shape Of Rage', Rockstar are an awesome, five piece, tribute to ten years of the best stadium rock. A firm favourite on the UK Classic Rock circuit Rockstar's set list includes classics by W.A.S.P, Kiss, Bon Jovi, Tyketto , Ratt, Ozzy Osbourne, Guns 'n' Roses, Motley Crüe, Thunder, Iron Maiden and Metallica. Lets Rock!
Sun 2

Jackie Leven
plus Dan Britton
A firm Musician favourite, Jackie is a truly unique artist, whose vocal prowess and ability to tackle huge subjects, whilst crafting songs of exquisite, soulful Celtic mysticism, is comparable to only Van Morrison. However unlike Van, Jackie has a wicked sense of humour and his anecdotes are legendary. Not only that, he is an amazing percussive guitar player to boot.
Mon 3
Tue 4
Access To Music
Wed 5
Kate Campbell
plus Mr Plow and Noah Zacharin
"If you are looking for a distinctive singer-songwriter, there is no one better than Kate Campbell." - Country Music International. "Possessed of the lyrical grasp of Lucinda Williams and the eloquent vocal timbre of Emmylou Harris, she is a major talent.." - Time Out. "A major talent...simplicity, sincerity, and sophistication run rampant here." - Boston Globe. "An important voice that brings literary focus, to music that bridges the gap between country and folk." - CD Review.
Thu 6


The Rocket Tops
plus Dumbfound, The Fours and Out of Karma

please note - The Lethal Bizzell gig has been cancelled
Fri 7



Carina Round
David Wyatt

plus Colum Regan and Lee & Jelly

Carina Round
Although the Wolverhampton native draws from a wide musical palette, from the confrontational intensity of Patti Smith, to the nocturnal brooding of Nick Cave. Her new album Slow Motion Addict finds her doing what she does best, even better: banshee yelps turned lung-scraping howls, lyrical collisions between the cosmic and carnal, and sonic tromps through rock straight to the throes of punk and electronica, fucking up the blues like no midlander since Led Zep. The raw passion she conveys, be it angry or subdued, makes it impossible not to fall for it all.

David Wyatt
Very possibly the best up and coming singer-songwriter in the UK today, David Wyatt possesses an emotive, four octave voice, big, dramatic songs and a vagabond charm and that makes him a spellbinding and of hillarious live performer. David is currently working on a new album with DieselPark West's John Butler producing and piloting his barge around the canals of England.

Sat 8
Dr Feelgood
plus The Mustangs
From 1971 to lead vocalist Lee Brilleaux's untimely death in 1994, Dr. Feelgood never left the road, playing hundreds of gigs every year. Throughout their career, Dr. Feelgood never left simple, hard-driving Stonesy rock & roll behind. Their devotion to the blues and R&B earned them a devoted fan base and their sweaty live shows are legendary. Whilst the group's stripped-down, energetic sound paved the way for English punk rock in the late '70s, their back-to-basics style was ultimately overshadowed by the dominance of punk and new wave in the '80s. Since Brilleaux's death the remaining members of the last Feelgood's line-up have continued to tour regularly and maintain the legacy of their legendary former front man.
Sun 9
Private Party
Mon 10
Tue 11

Christopher Rees
plus Gringo Star
and Xinks

Christopher Rees
Welsh singer songwriter Christopher Rees returns with his full band to promote his highly acclaimed third album Cautionary Tales. "Full of simmering soul" (MOJO). Cautionary Tales features a rare appearance from much loved American singer Victoria Williams who duets on recent single Bottom Dollar, as well as other special guests like Becky Newman (The Hot Puppies) and Belgian siren Charline Rose (Calexico, Giant Sand). It's an album that showcases several sides of his impassioned song writing, covering everything from soulful country and twisted murder ballads to banjo driven Appalachian folk, raucous delta blues / rock and heart rending torch songs while comfortably balancing raw and rustic acoustics with sophisticated and sublime strings to create his most moving and compelling work yet!!! “An emotionally charged, world class singer songwriter”. (Janice Long – BBC RADIO 2)
"Compelling vocal theatrics and spectral blues communion". (UNCUT) "Deliciously raw and spellbinding". (MOJO)

Gringo Star

Atlanta's finest sons "Gringo Star" return to the UK for this their 3rd UK tour of 2007 and their 2nd visit to The Musician, Leicester where in May they so impressed that they were immediately re-booked. Their awesome live shows must be seen to be believed - comprising of a plethora of uniquely hard driving, in-your-face rock one moment interspersed with soul-touching melodies the next, whilst at all times remaining true to originality. Don't dare to even blink during a Gringo Star performance as they swap instruments constantly.
Wed 12

Ian Siegal (solo)
"There are good blues singers and then there is Ian Siegal, who’s in a class of his own." - Mike Mager, Blues in Britain. "Ian Siegal is without doubt the most talented musician/songwriter to emerge on the British blues scene in recent years. Ian doesn't just perform the blues, he is totally possessed by them. He doesn't just play the guitar, he talks to it... and it talks back!" - Ian Brown, Blues4ever. "A voice ranging from the soaring passion of James Brown and Otis Redding, to the gravelly depths of of Tom Waits and Howlin' Wolf." - Bob Dayfield, Blueprint.

Thu 13


Fri 14

The Drugstore Cowboys
plus support

Sat 15
Mick Ridgeway’s Mojo Hand
plus Bob Dayfield's Blue Swamp Southern
“Mojo Hand oozed an ease and confidence with which they rapidly captured their audience. Their playlist had plenty of loved standards as well as original songs. Outstanding for me was the terrific Junior Wells “Come on in this House” a slowdown number beautifully played, perfect ‘open your heart’ blues. I can’t complain when a band gets it this right. A masterly performance indeed. This was my kind of blues evening as the audience was with the band all the way. A special mention for this has to go to Mick himself – he’s the front man par-excellence, stylish, easy going and friendly he entertained us to the end – super vocals, super harp – but never overpowering the bands sound.” – Hilary Drysome, Blues In Britain.
Sun 16
13.00 - 18.00
Weekend Warriors Showcase
Sun 16 20.00 onwards
Sam Baker
plus Otis Gibbs
Austin singer-songwriter Sam Baker is taking the Americana music world by storm right now. His two albums have garnered a ton of attention and you can bet your boots this guy’s gonna be the next Guy Clark. Those are mighty big words but that’s exactly what’s happening right now. It’s nice to see because it’s only once in a blue moon that a musician this gifted comes along and he’s also a great person. Get on board you won’t be sorry.
Mon 17

Tue 18
The Heartland Roots Band
plus Steve Cartwight
Wed 19
Acoustic Collective presents...
Thu 20
Pete Morton
with Chris Parkinson & Roger Wilson
£7adv £8door
Folk singer Pete Morton is a songwriter and performer with a wealth of great songs and a fantastic stage presence. His show is dynamic and intense as well as approachable and fun loving. Starting out as a busker on the streets of Europe he has entertained all over the globe with his unique and involving style of songwriting and traditional singing.
Fri 21
Diesel Park West
plus High & Low
Some bands belong to their own time, others trespass on decades where they don't really belong. Diesel Park West must have seemed to some people back in '89, with the release of the far-reaching Shakespeare Alabama, the most welcome and liberating guitar band anyone had heard for years. A lot of artists who have enjoyed massive acclaim and success since, may well tip hats towards the Diesels for being pioneers in the re-emergence of the guitar as the primary sound of contemporary music. Add to that song writing that both provokes and reassures... sometimes within the same lyric...then maybe its appropriate to start spreading the word.
Sat 22
Simon ‘Honey Boy’ Hickling
A world-class musician Simon ‘Honey Boy’ Hicklin’ is a blues harmonica ace with a hard earned and well-deserved international reputation. His subtle and fabulously expressive playing is grounded firmly in the ‘50s and ‘60s heyday of the Chicago and Gulf Coast styles of playing. With a tremendously experienced band backing him, Simon never fails to deliver anything less than a first-rate evenings entertainment and never lets good taste and soulfulness stifle a rockin’ night out.
Sun 23
Mon 24
Tue 25
Wed 26
Thu 27

Private Party

Fri 28

Kingsize and
El Pussycat Ska
It’s time to get horny with Leicester’s top ranking ska band Kingsize who play foot-stompin’, house rocking Kingsized arrangements of the finest original Jamaican ska sounds. Their style draws heavily on the classic Studio One song catalogue and traditional big band sounds of ‘60s ska. Also on the bil are the equally dynamic El Pussycat Ska, whose big boss sound goes back even further back drawing on the 50’s roots of bluebeat, ska and rocksteady. It’s a killer bill that’s guaranteed to have you groovin’ ana skankin’ til the rooster crows!

Sat 29

My Generation
The UK’s premier Who tribute
plus support
My Generation's set features classic hits such as - I Can't Explain, I Can See For Miles, Who Are You, My Generation, Won't Get Fooled Again, You Better You Bet and songs from both Tommy and Quadrophenia in an explosive two hour show celebrating one of this countries finest ever rock bands. My Generation capture the essence of The Who perfectly, performing the songs of Townsend, Daltry, Entwhistle and Moon with passion, energy and volume. Maximum R'n'B indeed.

Sun 30
Mon 31

New Years Eve Spectacular
with Dead Rock Stars

Hey you get off of that cloud! Come down and rock in the New Year with an all-star cast of dead guys! Celebrating some of the greatest musical talents of the past fifty years Dan Britton and his crew will journey through the highs and lows of rock ‘n’ roll history. In the past this lively tribute to the good Lords house band has featured music by Elvis Presley, Hank Williams, Jimi Hendrix, Marc Bolan, Gram Parsons, Johnny Cash, Jim Morrison, Phil Lynnot and John Lennon.

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